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Archive for January 2014

Believe-it-or-Not Tales of Divorce from Around the World

The Huffington Post recently highlighted “7 Weird Divorce Stories,” and the real-life marital tales of woe are hard to believe. Framing these quirky anecdotes is the recent story of a UK woman, who claimed that she was not made aware that “divorce” would legally end her marriage. Within this case, Jane Mulcahy claims that her attorneys should have…

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Divorce Wisdom: When Not to Listen to the Advice of Others

If you are going through a divorce, you are no stranger to the advice of loved ones who mean well, but ultimately may not know what is best for you and your unique situation. Your family and friends, after all, only want the best for you.  They are on your side one hundred percent, which…

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Approaching Divorce in the New Year

A recent news story out of the UK suggests that tensions running high during holiday arguments lead to rising divorce rates comes January. Across the pond and here in the US, January is often dubbed “Divorce Month” due to the high number of people who seek out divorce attorneys in the first month of the…

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