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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer (VIDEO)

Choosing a divorce attorney is a highly personal experience and there are many factors that should influence your decision. Finding a divorce lawyer that you connect with and trust is important, and it is equally essential that they have the capabilities to handle the unique circumstances of your individual situation. Watch this video to hear…

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"It's Not About the Nail"

Sometimes it can seem like men and women have trouble communicating.  While this may be difficult or impossible to avoid, it can be made more bearable by taking the time to laugh every once in a while.  This video by Jason Headley may just do the trick. It’s Not About the Nail from Jason Headley…

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My Approach to Family Law

I hope you enjoy a brief video shoot I recently did, in which I speak about family law at Fields and Dennis, LLP. Please click below to watch the video on YouTube. Jon Fields Family Law Video August 2011

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