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Archive for March 2013

Prenup: No Longer Binding?

After spending nearly half a million dollars and three years fighting a bizarre prenuptial agreement, a Long Island woman has won an “unprecedented” case against her estranged millionaire husband, Peter Petrakis. Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis had to prove in court that she was coerced into signing the prenuptial agreement that her husband threw at her only four…

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American Girl Dolls and Divorce

American Girl dolls have been a staple with children since they first debuted in 1986.  They initially presented historical characters at various tumultuous stages in history, surmounting obstacles and overcoming odds.  There was the Colonial American Girl facing the Revolutionary War, the young pioneer whose family was settling the West, and an Eastern European immigrant…

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Skype Aids in Proxy Marriages

Proxy marriages are on the rise. Web chat programs such as Skype allow for these marriages to occur more easily and for the bride and groom to exchanges vows from around the world. In the United States this practice is used, but infrequently and most often by members of the military in order to ensure…

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