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Archive for July 2013

Case Law Updates from Family Mediation Quarterly, July 2013

“Agreed upon Educational Expenses” and the Price of Silence. Because “agreed upon expenses” recurs so frequently in our agreements, this recent case from the Appeals Court should be of great interest. The separation agreement, incorporated into a California divorce judgment and registered in Massachusetts, provided that each party would pay one-half of all agreed-upon educational…

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"It's Not About the Nail"

Sometimes it can seem like men and women have trouble communicating.  While this may be difficult or impossible to avoid, it can be made more bearable by taking the time to laugh every once in a while.  This video by Jason Headley may just do the trick. It’s Not About the Nail from Jason Headley…

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A Revealing Look at the Modern Marriage

A recent study commissioned by UK law firm Slater & Gordon explores the state of marriage in the modern age.  The study surveyed 2,000 married people on their deepest feelings about matrimony, divorce and the consequences of both. Of those surveyed, a fifth described themselves as “trapped” by their marriage, and would decidedly end it,…

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Divorce and Infidelity

The decision to divorce is never an easy one.  Typically, it is one wrought with frustration and uncertainty.  The factors that go in to the decision vary greatly from couple to couple, yet one of the most prevalent scenarios often involves adultery or the suspicion of adultery. While some couples can overcome the damage done…

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