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Archive for May 2012

MCFM Spring 2012 Family Mediation Quarterly Article by Attorney Fields

The most recent issue of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation Family Mediation Quarterly features the following article I wrote called MASSACHUSETTS FAMILY LAW: A Periodic Review. Value of Inherited Nantucket Home Divided Equally. The Appeals Court upheld a Probate and Family Court judgment that divided equally between parties the value of the husband’s interest…

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Jonathan E. Fields elected president of the MCFM

On May 1, Jonathan Fields was elected President of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation for a two-year term. He is honored to have been chosen by his peers in an organization in which he has served as an Executive Board member since 2005. The MCFM is a non-profit organization established over twenty-five years go…

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Marriage Foundation Recommends Mediation

“Judges do not traditionally speak out about the social issues that manifest themselves in their courts,” wrote Lesley Garner, Telegraph journalist and former advice columnist. So it’s somewhat surprising that Sir Paul Coleridge, a senior family court judge in the UK founded the Marriage Foundation, a campaign that promotes, among other things, mediation prior to…

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