What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney and What to Avoid

Divorce is a trying time for everyone who goes through it, but each divorce is also different. Whether the couple has been married for a lengthy span, if there are children involved, if the parting is amicable or the separation is wrought with hostility and resentment. With so many unique concerns to consider, there is not a “one size fits all” approach to divorce.

With so many emotions at play, a divorce often times turns in to a battle. And a divorce attorney can act as your first line of defense. Especially if your marriage ended on particularly hostile terms, your first inclination may be to secure the most aggressive divorce lawyer you can find. But that may be a mistake.

A combative attorney is not necessarily going to secure a more successful outcome. An attorney who is adaptable and more apt to negotiate is likely to handle your case in a quicker more agreeable manner than an attorney who refuses to do so. At the end of the day, it is your money, and an attorney who refuses to compromise is most likely going to cost you more when the trial is dragged out over small technical issues.

Attorneys using a cutthroat strategy may appear to have all the bells and whistles you desire when emotions are running high and anger is a factor. Aggressive attorneys may feel that the end result is “winning,” but in the end, there are more important things at stake.

Trials can be expensive, especially when drawn out by an attorney who is not going to compromise on much. Settling a case is usually the smarter option, financially and emotionally, but an attorney with a hard line approach is less likely to move in that direction.

Ultimately, although you may be angry with your spouse now, in the future you will likely let go of this resentment and move on with your life. Especially if there are children involved, you will not want to be on bad terms with your ex forever. Long, bitter court trials can incite further anger and resentment, making it that much more difficult to peacefully coexist in the future. While you may never wish to be friendly with your ex, you will surely want to do what’s best for the children involved.

At Fields and Dennis, we are experienced in all aspects of family law and divorce. Our attorneys work hard for our clients to secure the best possible outcome, but we do so in a manner that is respectful and sympathetic. We offer a variety of alternatives to the courtroom, including mediationdivorce coaching and collaborative divorce, in which you are given all the benefits of individual legal counsel but the ultimate goal is to avoid trial. We care about our clients and their families, and our approach provides a solution that is both effective and compassionate. If you are considering divorce, contact Fields and Dennis for a confidential consultation.