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The Best Living Arrangement for Children of Divorce

Divorce takes a huge toll on the entire family, and the kids especially feel the stress. Up until recently, the old way of thinking was to have joint custody of the child—such as the child may have an every-other-weekend custody arrangement with the non-full-time parent, but certainly not an equal custody arrangement with both parents.…

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Heading Back to School after a Divorce

With fall quickly approaching, it is that time again, at once bittersweet and anticipated by parents everywhere – back-to-school. But, if you are recently separated or in the midst of a divorce, this first back-to-school season will be another in a series of adjustments. Summer certainly had its own challenges and negotiating vacations when children…

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Your Family isn't "Broken"

When a spouse brings a divorce preceding against the other spouse, there are certain words that can get thrown around; legal terms such as custodial parent, custody, access, and also, a familiar one: “broken home.”  The term broken home can refer to a family run by a single parent, but in today’s modern family, it…

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