Should I Fire My Divorce Lawyer?

If you’re not sure your divorce lawyer is the best fit, it’s time to start asking questions. It is imperative to have a trusted and competent lawyer who believes in putting your interests first. The first question to ask yourself is: Do you know what is going on in your case? For instance, you should understand the proceedings and the lawyer should discuss exactly what his strategy is and how the proceedings are going. If the proceedings seem to be dragged out, this could be a red flag. If there’s a reason for the expanded length of time and you’re aware of this reason, that’s one thing. However, if the proceedings are constantly being delayed for months and you have no idea, that’s a major warning sign. Lawyers who are not reputable will unnecessarily drag out cases to make as much money as possible. If you don’t understand your lawyer’s strategy and you’re not receiving any answers or guidance, it may be time to find a new attorney.

Another question is: Is the communication frequent and easily attained between you and your lawyer? For example, if you can call her cell or send a text or email and receive an immediate response, that is a good sign. This means your attorney can be reached at any time and is there to help and guide you. If your lawyer does not call or text or email back in a timely manner, that can be frustrating…and suspicious. With all the money you gave her for a retainer, she should be able to contact you easily and frequently, and she should be ready and happy to answer all your questions.

What does your intuition say? It sounds silly, but intuition is often overlooked, and it shouldn’t be. When you begin divorce proceedings, most likely you are emotionally and mentally exhausted—even physically too. Divorce takes a toll on a person’s mind and body. In doing so, decisions may be clouded that otherwise wouldn’t be in a time of clarity and a state of contentment. You have to think about hiring your divorce attorney as a major business decision, perhaps the biggest of your life. If your mindset changes to business, then you can evaluate how your lawyer is doing with the money you invested, what he is giving back in terms of being an “employee,” and how his performance has been to date. Once you assess your lawyer’s performance with a clear, business-like head, then you can make the decision of whether to fire him or not.

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