Extreme Divorce Avoidance: Man Jumps from Window to Avoid Divorce

Divorce is a difficult decision, one that is not came upon lightly, and it is hard on everyone involved.  This proved especially true for one couple in Jerusalem.  In early March, a man actually jumped out of a courthouse bathroom window to avoid divorce proceedings.

This sounds extreme and it is safe to say that it is not a typical scenario.

The husband, Shai Cohen, has been refusing his wife’s request for divorce for 12 years, and Cohen has spent the last six years in prison for this refusal.  His lawyers were under the impression that he was finally willing to sign the divorce papers and he was allowed into the court without the handcuffs, which were used during previous proceedings.

Yet, Cohen was willing to go to great lengths to avoid divorce and apparently plotted a pre-meditated plan to avoid it.  The plan was executed during a trip to the bathroom, where he jumped from the second-story window and was believed to be taken away by a waiting accomplice.  His wife, who was seeking the divorce so that she may remarry, was not surprised by her estranged husband’s antics, saying “I knew he would do something like this.”

While it is not an easy decision, sometimes divorce cannot be avoided.  It’s best to deal with it head on.  At Fields and Dennis, we can help.