Divorce at Any Age

We recently took a look at some unique divorce stories, and one of the couples featured was the record holder for the oldest to divorce — a 99-year-old man in Italy, who divorced his wife after learning of an affair she had 70 years before.

While many would think, what is the point of going through a divorce after all that time, when you have very nearly made it to 100 years old? Most likely, the divorce was not a means for him to start over, but to be at peace. And that’s a sentiment felt by many who divorce, whether age 29 or 99.

Recently, a similar story has made the news. Last week an 80-year-old Egyptian woman requested a divorce from her 86-year-old husband, stating that she disliked him and wanted to make certain that she was not married to him when she died. She furthered that he was a “womanizer” who she only remained married to as long as she did because of her children. The judge in Cairo granted her the divorce and with it the peace of mind she needed — knowing that when she passes away, her death certificate will list her as divorced and not his wife.

Ultimately, the decision to divorce is come at differently for each individual, and regardless of age, if it is something that is needed to achieve happiness and contentment, then the adage is true: Age is just a number.