Vicki Shemin wrote a new article about cohabitation and why partners should consider a co-tenancy agreement.

Cohabitation after divorce seems like a great alternative to remarriage, but it’s still important to take steps to protect yourself.

Cohabitation After Divorce: Reasons You Need a Co-Tenancy Agreement

At the final court hearing in a divorce case, the judge generally pronounces that the divorce agreement is fair and reasonable and then s/he blesses it with an official imprimatur.

In the next sentence, more times than not, I have heard judges then say, “You can remarry in 90 days.” Invariably, the divorcing couple responds with an eye roll as if to say, “That’s the last thing on our minds!”

But, fast forward two years down the road. Time heals a lot of wounds and you may find that you are in a meaningful relationship that lies somewhere between not being ready for remarriage but ready to commit to the relationship.

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