Art Student Aces Exam with Divorce Paper Wedding Dress

A fifteen-year-old student in the small town of Crawley, England recently created an art project that has gone viral on the internet.  Hoping to symbolize the tendency of people to rush into marriage and end up divorced, she created a wedding dress completely out of divorce papers.  The dress used divorce papers, arranged in a puffy, princess-style gown.  In fact, unless you look close at the flat front panel, you may not even realize that the dress is comprised entirely of divorce papers.  In order to get the material, she printed a divorce form from the internet and photocopied it 1,500 times. The one-of-a-kind dress was completed in the span of a ten hour art exam.

The girl unintentionally became an internet sensation when she posted a photo of the project online last Saturday as a way to show her cousin in Italy the creation.  She was surprised the next day by the pictures apparent popularity and far-reaching exposure.

Shortly over a week later, she has acquired over 46,000 likes and the photo has been shared by over 2,000 people.  It has also been posted on Tumblr, where it received over 130,000 hits there, as well.

While the girl is clearly creative and quite talented, she admits that, “It was quite a challenge.”  Barnes hopes to someday work in the fashion industry, but for now her work is being shown proudly in her school’s hallway… and worldwide on the internet.