Agree on Divorce Mediation

Statistics throughout the recession indicate spouses who might otherwise divorce are staying married due to financial constraints. Divorce attorneys want their clients to be absolutely certain they want a divorce; however, when couples don’t see a way out of poorly functioning marriages, they can become volatile. So while divorce isn’t for everyone, for those who benefit from it, divorce mediation is a viable option. Mediated divorces, like alternative dispute resolution within various practice areas, are less expensive than the traditional, litigated divorce process.

When finances are at the forefront of your family life, it might be difficult to facilitate a divorce, even when it’s in the best interest of you and your children. Financial difficulty has been cited as a leading cause for divorce for many years, so it’s an interesting paradox that the current economic climate has resulted in fewer of them.

If you or a friend is ready for a divorce, consider speaking with a divorce mediator. I’ve been mediating divorces in Massachusetts for many years and know first-hand its financial, and often psychological, advantages. I strongly advocate a mediated divorce in today’s economy—making mutual agreements for the sake of your family is what you have been doing anyway.

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