Simpson Wentz Divorce, Try to remain friendly

Pop-star couple, Ashlee Simpson and Peter Wentz, is filing for divorce after a two and a half year marriage.  Both parties released a statement to the press from their home in Los Angeles stating ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for their divorce. Ashlee and Pete started their romance in 2006, and announced their engagement in April of 2008.  In November of that year they welcomed their son Bronx Mowgli Wentz to the family.

Ashlee is seeking to change her name after the divorce back to Simpson, from Wentz. She is also filing for joint custody of Bronx, as well as primary physical custody.  Simpson and Wentz didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement, so Simpson hopes to collect both child and spousal support. As in the Massachusetts family law, California divorce and family law can be extremely complicated.

The exact date of the couples’ separation has yet to be announced. Both parties are making an effort to keep as little detail in the press as possible. Wentz hasn’t released to the press if he will be fighting for primary physical custody as well, or if he will settle for visitation. The divorce settlement has the potential to become messy, as celebrity divorce often does, especially without a pre-nup; however, the couple has told the press that they will try to remain friendly.