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Should A Man Leave The House during a Divorce?

If you are a man and at the very beginning or middle of a divorce, should you leave your house? Oftentimes—and to the surprise of many—the answer is no. However, men are quick to pack up and leave the house, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin and Divorce: Declaring your Digital Currency

Bitcoin has become a buzzword recently, more well-known to some than others, but unless you live under a rock that does not get WiFi, you have surely at the very least heard the term tossed around. For those less informed … Continue reading

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Hollywood Divorce Sparks $10 Million Battle

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been tabloid fodder for years now, and yet it seems they are still making waves in the media, this time for their forthcoming divorce.  While Moore and Kutcher first announced their split in 2011, … Continue reading

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“Gray Divorce” on the Rise

While the circumstances of each divorce vary from couple to couple, there has been a recent influx in “Gray Divorce,” or divorce involving couples over the age of fifty.  This growing phenomenon poses its own set of complications. Most of … Continue reading

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