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Premarital Counseling Predicts Divorce

The big “D” can now be predicted…in premarital counseling. Premarital counseling often occurs because the couple has to do it, or they want tips and advice for a healthy relationship. Either way, learning how a couple behaves can be a … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Your Child Custody Mediation

When emotions are involved, a mediator can serve as a neutral party to tackle serious issues in a divorce. Child custody is often the most serious issue, especially in regard to how time is split between the parents and children. … Continue reading

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To Litigate, or Not to Litigate, That is the Question

If you are going through a divorce, there are many things to consider. It is a difficult time, emotions are high, and you are confronted with a number of decisions that you may not be in the best state of … Continue reading

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Divorce Wisdom: When Not to Listen to the Advice of Others

If you are going through a divorce, you are no stranger to the advice of loved ones who mean well, but ultimately may not know what is best for you and your unique situation. Your family and friends, after all, … Continue reading

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Marriage Foundation Recommends Mediation

“Judges do not traditionally speak out about the social issues that manifest themselves in their courts,” wrote Lesley Garner, Telegraph journalist and former advice columnist. So it’s somewhat surprising that Sir Paul Coleridge, a senior family court judge in the … Continue reading

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Getting a Divorce on a Budget

It’s easy to dismiss the costly nature of divorce when your emotional stability is at stake. But remember, as soon as a couple decides to separate, the divorce process immediately becomes more costly. Expenses that were previously shared, including rent … Continue reading

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Agree on Divorce Mediation

Statistics throughout the recession indicate spouses who might otherwise divorce are staying married due to financial constraints. Divorce attorneys want their clients to be absolutely certain they want a divorce; however, when couples don’t see a way out of poorly … Continue reading

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Divorce Negotiation: A Bigger (Sweeter) Pie

According to Huffington Post divorce columnist Diana Mercer’s article, it’s perfectly natural to fixate on specific financial goals like holding onto your hard-earned assets, 401k or social security funds, during the divorce process.  However, it’s advisable to set a goal … Continue reading

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Can Estate Planning Prevent Divorce?

The number of Americans over 65 who are divorced has radically increased in the last 15 years. Continue reading

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Divorce Mediation 101

Divorce mediation is becoming increasingly popular for couples that wish to amenably end their relationships. Nearly a quarter million people use mediation for divorce yearly in the US, including Massachusetts divorce. Continue reading

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