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How the Courts Decide on Alimony

Alimony is an explosive topic. Some people totally agree with it, while others are firmly against it. Either way, alimony can be a large part of divorce, and the financial aspect can be lengthy and costly for the party that … Continue reading

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Divorce at Any Age

We recently took a look at some unique divorce stories, and one of the couples featured was the record holder for the oldest to divorce — a 99-year-old man in Italy, who divorced his wife after learning of an affair … Continue reading

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Believe-it-or-Not Tales of Divorce from Around the World

The Huffington Post recently highlighted “7 Weird Divorce Stories,” and the real-life marital tales of woe are hard to believe. Framing these quirky anecdotes is the recent story of a UK woman, who claimed that she was not made aware that “divorce” would … Continue reading

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Divorce and Infidelity

The decision to divorce is never an easy one.  Typically, it is one wrought with frustration and uncertainty.  The factors that go in to the decision vary greatly from couple to couple, yet one of the most prevalent scenarios often … Continue reading

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Social Media, Marriage and Divorce in China, 140 Characters at a Time

Marriage and divorce are huge decisions and both are not made hastily. At Fields and Dennis, we deal with the repercussions of divorce on a daily basis, finding resolutions to some of the most difficult situations. Divorce is not something … Continue reading

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Spouse Cheating on You? Do the Math.

The media has been obsessed with the salacious details of the Anthony Wiener scandal.  For a few writers, however, the story has prompted some sober cultural reflection. In the New York Times, Sheryl Gay Stolberg wonders why female politicians rarely … Continue reading

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Financial Infidelity Hurts

Massachusetts divorce lawyers and Boston based therapists like Carleton Kendrick agree that money deception has become a huge issue over the last decade. Continue reading

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